Care Guide



Keep your towel in cold water for a couple of hours before washing. This process will soften the fabric and ease the removal of dirt.
If you are washing bathrobes (housecoats) or any other clothing consists of several pieces, seperate everything from each other.
Some of our products may feature zippers. You should close every zipper since these may damage your laundry or tear down tassels/buttons of your towel.


We highly recommend that you prefer wash by hand, but still, you can machine wash at 30° Celcius.
It is better to use natural soap when washed by hand. You can also add a small amount of detergent if you are looking extra hygiene.

Although it may depend on your usage, we advise you to wash your towels after the third use.


After wash and use, please line dry (hang to dry) your bathrobes and pestemals while keeping away from direct sunlight to prevent fade in color.
Avoid tumble dry since it may cause shrinkage and wrinkles.



As a beginning, get the wrinkles out on a flat surface. Fold your towel in half lengthwise two times, and then fold along the short edge. At the end, you will have a square-shaped towel pleat with tassels on one edge.


You may sometimes find the tassels of your towel untied after a wash or a day on the beach. In an easy way, you can tie a knot on the free threads as close as possible to the edge in order to restore it.
For the braid-styled fringes, you should seperate the threads into two groups, then swirl each group clockwise. To have a braid, you can simply twist these two cords together in a counter-clockwise motion and tie a knot at the end.

Stash Away

To maintain hygiene and beatiful smell, you should abstain from piling your damp towels before drying them properly. Otherwise, trapped moisture can cause bacteria to grow in your pestemals. It is also better to prefer rod to hook for hanging towels to prevent any damage to fabric of the product.

Avoid Chemicals

To keep your Turkish pestemals always soft and absorbent, do not add any softener or non-bio detergents while washing. Please avoid detergents containing heavy chemicals since it is easier to interact with your skin when it is wet/damp.